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WoW Crossword: January 20th, 2009

Alex Ziebart

It's a new week, and that means a new crossword. If you don't remember from last Tuesday, this little project is an experiment of ours. Some time ago, Amanda Dean started this Crossword activity which was posted on Sunday mornings. It's been awhile since we've done them, so we're going to give them a whirl on Tuesdays instead, with Tuesday being the WoW player's lazy Sunday. Considering today is patch day, you probably have plenty of time to do this thing.

Last week I asked for feedback on the crossword, and you all supplied a lot of helpful advice that we attempted to put into play. We'll see how it turned out. The details on that are below the cut, along with the clues for this week's puzzle.

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  • Last week's puzzle wasn't terribly interconnected. It was a crossword that was kind of missing the cross part. That's boring! I tried to be a little better this week, but WoW words make it mighty difficult. Still, I tried.
  • The printer friendly version should be more printer friendly this time around. Less ink wasted, and it's the standard paper size. The only issue is I sort of forgot about margins, so it might not actually print as well as it should. You folk should give it a whirl, and let me know how it turned out. I actually don't even own a printer right now.
  • An interactive (flash/java) crossword is probably not something we'll do, but maybe one magical day we will. For now, this is what you've got. Sorry! I'll keep looking for a way to make it more easy to use, though.
  • Last week there were some inconsistencies with how I displayed clues with a multi-word answer, that's fixed this week. If you see a clue with (6) listed after it, that means the answer has 6 letters. If you see something like (2-1-3), that means there are 3 words, and the numbers indicate show many letters are in each word.
I think you all know how to do crossword puzzles, but if you don't, you can always check last week's for the rules. Without further ado, the clues!

And here are the answers from last week's crossword:

Have fun, and good luck! By the way, I'd love to see you guys post your answers once you've finished it, at least if you're one of the first people to finish. I'm curious how quickly this gets completed! Also, please keep the feedback coming, I'd love to keep improving this thing for all of you.

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