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    boxee reviewed: great application, more content needed

    Darren Murph

    boxee has morphed from a no-name application into a highly desirable portal for discovering internet content, and while we just recently saw the Windows alpha previewed, the good folks at PSFK have assembled a picture-filled review of the alpha on Apple TV. They seemed to have no issue at all getting the program up and running on Cupertino's set-top-box, though they were a touch underwhelmed by the content. To be fair, however, boxee navigated through what was available with ease, and if access to more content does indeed become available in the future, it was stated that boxee was solid enough to convince legions of pay-TV users to ditch their cable and resort entirely to web TV. We're not exactly sure we're ready to believe all that given the amazing lack of high-def material available over the net, but we catch the drift. All in all, boxee was found to be a helpful addition for any media addict, and for the phenomenal price of $0.00, we really can't understand why you're not heading over for a download right now.

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