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Breaking News: Arenas disabled [Updated]


Breaking news from the Arenas.

All Arenas in the World of Warcraft have been disabled.

We have no official word as to exactly why they've been disabled, how long they will remain disabled, and what will happen to this arena season.

Recently a new arena match making system was implemented, and there was a lot of complaining about it on the forums. Apparently some of the complaints were legitimate, and rating discrepancies have caused arenas to be shut down. This is in addition to the other problems with patch 3.0.8 and the dozens of bugs that have appeared.

A picture of the confirmation is after the break.

We'll update this post liveblog style as more information comes in.

Updates are after the break.

The red circle indicates where the arena NPCs should be. They're gone for now.

5:10 p.m. EST: Netharea says "We have temporarily disabled all Arena matches while we investigate current rating calculation discrepancies. Further updates will be provided once we have additional information to share. "

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