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DivX is not 100% in love with Xbox 360's tone right now, or its unofficial codec support


In case you haven't noticed, official DivX support has become a part of many consumer electronics platforms over the last few years -- but not the Xbox 360. While it will play back many files with DivX and Xvid encoding, DivX VP Jerome Vashist-Rota is still "not very happy" that Microsoft's console works off of unofficial third party support, unlike the DivX Certified PlayStation 3. Of course, considering DivX's history as a reverse engineered version of Microsoft's own MPEG-4 codec some choppiness is to be expected so it's hard to say if that will ever change but let us throw in one more (probably fruitless) request for MKV playback while we're at it.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy & 1UP]

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