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Guildwatch: Puppies can cause drama, too

Mike Schramm

This is Xander. You might think he's just a cute puppy, but no -- he's a drama-causing ball of AFK fury. A player in our drama section this week is the proud new owner of Xander, but the puppy caused so much AFK time for him that it rubbed his group the wrong way. Look in his eyes -- you can see he's got the power to split guilds and wipe groups at will!

Lots more drama, downed news, and recruiting notices in this week's Guildwatch, which starts right after the break. Unfortunately, that's the only story that's puppy-related, but we've got lots of dead dragons and guild transfers. There's even a Blue appearance this week!


  • The Zexy-bashing (by Rising Dynasty of Garona) in this thread is pretty rampant. But then again, she does show up and egg them on quite a bit.
  • Someone's trying to bring Ctrl Alt Delete of Ravenholdt down from the inside.
  • And also from Ravenholdt, Corwind let everyone know he had a brand new puppy that he had to take care of, so going AFK was to be expected. Whacko didn't want to wait, so he eventually wiped the group, and made everyone pretty angry. And yes, we've all had our share of annoying AFK players ("sry mom said I had to take the trash out!"), but that puppy is super cute. We might have to side with Corwind on this one.
  • Doom on Dalaran is angry: they're trying to transfer in some raiders, but the server's population have made things tough on them, as Blizzard isn't letting in any new players. At this point, they're practically begging for Blizzard to let them open up transfers again so they can start raiding, but despite their moaning, even Zarhym shows up to say no (and point out that while Doom is complaining about Nelf Hunters coming in, most of the realm is actually Horde already). And here's the best part: why can't Doom just invite some raiders in from their own server? Our tipster says it's because "they have about the worst reputation imaginable." As a commenter in the drama thread says, "karma is a b%*($."
  • "Unplayable" 25-man instance server lag has caused vodka of Mannoroth to leave the server in order to remain competitive. Our tipster says they've been one of the top guilds in the country since the beginning of the game, including a world first on Twin Emps and the US first of 3-drake Sartherion (is that right?). Apparently Mannorothians are very sorry to see them go, and they're not alone: Predestined, the top Horde guild, has also flown the coop.
  • We mentioned Void of Sen'jin just a little while ago, and now they're back in the news over there. They've been walking around the server with their chests puffed out, thinking they're awesome, and, as we said before, hating on guilds like Tact. But they didn't quite make Sartharion with three drakes, and Jellie (whoever that is) doesn't want them to forget it.
  • As lots of you probably know, both Risen and Premonition ditched Alleria a little while ago, and it's left some people on the server not quite so happy.
  • Someone in Ataos on Laughing Skull used an exploit to down Sartharion with three drakes up, and the rest of the server is (unreasonably?) angry that they stole the kill. Ataos claims it wasn't them -- it was one of their guildies, but they're not claiming the kill and trying to brag about their progression. Does an exploit kill count? Ataos also says they don't care about the incident enough to kick anyone. Should they?
  • Here's a guild (Salus Novus on Alleria) that used the Sarth exploit, and did brag about it in trade chat. And then, on page four, they all got bans for their troubles. Very nice.
  • Finally, a ninja alert: Rhanjah on Eredar.
  • Malice on Haomarush-A is clearing two 25man Naxx runs each week among everything else that's in the game right now. They say it took a lot of organization, but they got it down. Except for one thing: they could use a Priest.
  • Rinascita and Squadra Antiscippo are the only two Italian guilds on EU Haomarush-H, we're told. They started raiding last weekend and cleared Naxx's Arachnid, Undead, and Construct quarters. Sarth 10-man got dropped as well. Grats!
  • Murder of Crows (Horde on EU Bronzebeard) have downed Arachnid and DK quarters in the past three weeks with also Noth the Plaguebringer and Patchwerk down. Sartharion's on notice for next time. They are also recruiting all classes and specs, anyone interested in raiding a night or three in a casual, friendly guild.
  • Ohm is Futile (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award, how geeky!), on Eonar has begun raiding again and has cleared the Arachnid wing and Plague wings of 10-man Naxx.
  • NCXVII, a casual raiding guild on Shandris-A, was able to clear all four wings of Naxx, and dropped Sapphiron for the first time as well: seven first time kills in just one week. Congrats! Malygos is up next.
  • The Fancy Pants Brigade on Thrall-H entered Naxx the other weekend, dropped Anub'rekhan, and one-shot the Grand Widow, but Maexxna gave them some trouble. Maexx is on notice for next time.
  • Ravaged on Jubei'Thos managed to full clear Naxx 10 man in 4 hours only two weeks after losing half the guild to drama. OS & VOA have also fallen before their power. Malygos is on notice, if they haven't finished him off already. They're recruiting more to build up a 25-man group as well.
  • Concordis on Kil'jaeden finally took down 25-man Kel'thuzad last week. Their first-ever attempts on 4H, Sapphiron, and Kel'thuzad were all one-shots, after four wipes on Instructor Razuvious the same nigh. their new motto: "We make the hard seem easy. And the easy seem hard." Nice.
  • Jötunheim on Gorgonnash-A has downed Arachnid, half of Abomination, and a few Plague bosses in Naxx as well. Sarth has also been dropped -- the rest of Naxxaramas (including Heroic) is in their sights.
  • Fugazi on EU Shattered Hand-H has cleared out 10-man Naxx and Obsidian Sanctum. Malygos is on notice, but they say he might take a while. And they're always open for new recruits as well: be 18+ and ready to have some good times.
  • Enduring Vision of Tanaris has cleared all 10-man WotLK content, and Heroic Sartharian and Naxx. Heroic Malygos is next! They are also still accepting applications from healers: Resto Shammys and Druids, and Holy Pallies.
  • Honor Guard on Draenor-H has downed Sartharion, and the Arachnid quater of Naxx, as well as a Patchwerk one shot in there. Grobbulus also got dropped soon after, and they plan to clear the place out soon. They're recruiting for 25-mans -- healers are especially welcome.
  • Southern Knights (an arm of the Leftovers community of Silver Hand) got to and cleared the Arachnid Quarter, Plague Quarter and the Military Quarter. Loathed was apparently "hard as hell." Grats on the down!
  • Peacemakers on Onyxia 7-manned their server's namesake. Grats! They're also recruiting, healers and others who want to chill out, take their time, and have fun with the endgame.
  • Inspire (of EU Stormrage) downed the Arachnid Quarter of normal Naxx and the first two bosses of the Military Quarter the other night. They're hoping to head back in soon and finish them all off. Normal Sarth also died at their hands. Grats!
  • Oblivion, an Alliance guild on Slivermoon, has not only downed the long Queue lines on that server, but also have downed all of Naxx 10man, and have cleared out Obsidian Sanctum as well. They're headed for Malygos next, and are also building out a 25-man group. They have no Warriors, so some of those would be good, and are also seeking Balance and Resto Druids.
  • Evolution of Fenris got Malygos and Sarth with two drakes down last week. They were going for three drakes last we heard, and recruiting a few more as well.
  • The Nox Doodad Door raid of Feathermoon just managed to take down Heroic Kel'thuzad after a couple weeks of being foiled by Thaddius. They're a cross-guild raid (and even have someone four-boxing Shamans with them). They had to switch out a few of the Shammies for Gluth though. Malygos is on notice.
  • Confused and Irrational on Steamwheedle Cartel went into Naxx for their first official guild run, and cleared the Plague and Arachnid quarters. Patchwerk didn't get downed but he's on notice for next time. They're also recruiting more, specifically some non-Death Knight DPS.
  • Demise on Aggramar-A has cleared 10-man Naxx. They're now working on farming it, and gearing up towards the 25-man version.
  • Light Defenders (a Polish guild on EU Anachronos) has finished WotLK raiding content (both 10man and 25man) by killing Malygos on Heroic. Congrats!
  • Adapt and Overcome of Feathermoon downed Sartharion with two drakes, and they're putting a target on the third's head (wait, is that what you say if you're planning to keep him alive?). They are also currently looking for a Ret/Holy Pally and a Feral Druid.
  • Sparkle Magic of Proudmoore downed Heroic Sartharion with three drakes this week for a Horde server first! Grats!
  • Death and Rebirth on Sisters of Elune-A downed Malygos in normal (10 man) version. Which means they've dropped all 10 man content, and also 25 man Vault, OS, and all four wings of Heroic Naxx. Sapphiron is on notice. They are also recruiting "competent healers."
  • After getting a late start in Wrath raiding Noble Assembly on the Arygos realm kicked off their first full week of raiding, and came up with a resounding success. 10 man Vault of Archavon, 10 man Obsidian Sanctum, and 14/15 in Naxx with Kel'Thuzad on notice. They are also currently recruiting healers and DPS to fill out a second 10 man group and attempt to get 25 man groups underway.
  • Portent Alliance on Sentinels-H downed Malygos, completing their run of 10 man content. Heroic Sarth was also dropped. A selective recruitment process is being started to bring a few more folks onto the 25-man team: if you're level 80 (or almost there), and in it for seeing content, not the loot, look them up.
  • Nocturnus Vexillari of Dath'Remar-H successfully downed Sartharion with three drakes alive on both normal and Heroic modes. They got both a Twlight Drake and a Black Drake for their troubles.
  • Draconic Order on Dragonblight-H finished off Sarth and VoA 10-mans, as well as all the Naxx wings. Sapphiron is on notice for next time. They're a small mature guild seeking a few more consistent members, specifically Priests, Pallies, and Feral Druids. All healers welcome, and tanks too, as they head to 25-mans.
  • Grown Ups (Korgath) is a small, adult guild focused on 10-man raid content in Wrath of the Lich King. They're looking for Holy/Ret Pallies, Shamans of all specs, Resto Druids, and Warlocks, though they'll take any class that's worth it, especially ranged DPS. They do have some raiding requirements, but the raiding itself is semi-casual. If you're level 80, have some experience raiding, and want to show up and kill stuff, look them up.
  • Slow and Steady is an Alliance raiding guild on EU Frostwhisper that only raids once a week. They've downed Sartharion on their very first night, and are seeking healers and some ranged DPS for Naxx and beyond. They're on 10-mans at the moment, but are interested in heading up to 25s if the interest is there.
  • Dark Exile has just transferred from Skullcrusher in the latest round of open transfers, and is looking to re-bolster their ranks in a new home, Tortheldrin. They're looking for people with some raid experience
    to do 25-man raids with.
  • Sade is a PvE-oriented Finnish guild on EU Chromaggus. They've cleared all of the content so far, but are still seeking a Balance Druid, Shadow Priest, or a Prot Warrior. They keep things relaxed and fun, and wanted you to know: their officers are not monsters. We're guessing that's sincere, but maybe they're being sarcastic and they really are monsters. Who knows?
  • War Ensemble on Silver Hand-A is recruiting for their 25-man Naxx team. They are short on Healers and ranged DPS, but all interested players regardless of spec are encourged to apply. They have Naxx 10-man being cleared every week, as well as OS and VoA runs also.
  • Fragment on Area 52-H is recruiting pretty much everyone at this point for entry-level raiding. The only requirement is that you have a decent knowledge of your class and to not be a jerk. Contact Superthrust or Rahniah in game until we can throw together a guild website.
  • Incognito on Anub'arak-H is a fun yet structured PvE guild looking for fun and mature players dedicated to getting geared and progressed. They are clearing Naxx right now, and looking for more healers. Bring the player, not the class, they say, and they have four bank tabs, Vent, and various lotteries and contests as a guild.
We'll be back next week as always. Until then, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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