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iPod touch: the hot accessory for your sniper rifle


FBI agents and Marines have a fashion challenge -- it can be so difficult to figure out how to accessorize your Knights Armament M110 sniper rifle. You don't want to put shiny bling on it, since that may attract the curiosity of your target. Dangly things would probably get caught on something. Hmmmm, how about an iPod touch?

You too can have an iPod touch for your M110! Knights Armament came up with a mount that attaches to a rail on the side of the rifle. That mount holds an Otterbox protective case, which in turns holds the iPod touch in place.

So why do you need an iPod touch on your sniper rifle? There's always the chance that you'll need entertainment during those long hours in Iraq or Afghanistan, and there's no better place to put your iPod touch than with the tools of your trade. Even better, you can use the $11.99 ballistics calculator app called Bullet Flight (click opens iTunes, app written by Runaway Technologies for Knights Armament) to help you stay on target. That's it running on the iPod touch in the picture above.

If the long-rumored iPhone nano ever arrives, will there be a side mount for a Smith & Wesson Compact M&P 9mm? It boggles the mind...

Thanks to Dan and Steve for the tip!

[via The Firearm Blog]

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