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This is Killzone 2's opening cut scene

Majed Athab

Perhaps by now you've decided whether you've wanted to board the Killzone 2 hype-train or not. If you have, then you'll have seen the gameplay videos, prepared for the release day, and read up on everything you'll ever need to know. The game's now just one month away, though that wait may seem unbearable.

There's only one thing which can abate that feeling of longing and that's perhaps to have a taste of one of the first things you'll ever see upon putting in that mint new disc. We're talking about the opening cinematic scene to Killzone 2. Watch it right here after the break if you've got to purge that urge; however, don't, if you want to keep the whole experience fresh on February 27.

[Thanks T-e-X!]

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