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UK New Play Control prices probably won't be quite so overinflated


Nintendo has responded to UK retailers' pre-release pricing for the New Play Control editions of Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis, saying that those probably won't be the real prices -- and if they are, it's not Nintendo's doing.

"It is up to retailers at what price they sell any item for," a Nintendo representative told Eurogamer. At least retailers will have a lower starting point for their prices: "However, our trade price for these games will be below our usual trade price for Wii games and our present estimate of the likely retail price is in the region of GBP 29.99."

This doesn't necessarily mean that retailers really will sell the games at the somewhat reduced price point (which still comes out to $41), but it means that if they don't, they're total jerks. Amazon, at least, currently has Pikmin for £24.99!

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