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Winter held up by unadventurous publishers


n-Space's Winter harks back to the days of early Resident Evil games, featuring as it does claustrophobic corridors, a jumpy-as-hell atmosphere, and gruesome monsters. If that sounds promising, the footage above will probably only convince you more of the game's potential. Although a bit glitchy in places, this took only six weeks to create.

Now here's the sad part of this story: Winter is another of the Wii's lost games. n-Space enjoyed a hugely positive response after pitching the project to numerous publishers in 2007, but Creative Director Ted Newman has told IGN that the game "got hung up with the sales and marketing groups." The game was put on hold, and n-Space instead focused on Target Toss Pro: Bags, presumably a title that appealed more to the suits.

IGN's interview with Newman manages to be simultaneously depressing and enlightening, but is definitely worth your time. Understandably, n-Space is happy to bring this to market, but they'll need a publisher first. Interested, Sega?

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