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Apricorn introduces 1.5TB DVR Xpander, succeeds at making it ugly

Darren Murph

Apricorn's DVR Xpanders have never been the prettiest bunch, but we would've thought a redesign was in order with the introduction of the 1.5TB model. Sadly, our hopes and dreams of a DVR attachment from the outfit that isn't completely heinous have been decidedly crushed, as the latest edition is just as unsightly as prior models. Of course, it can hold up to 187.5 hours of HD content or 843 hours of SD material, not to mention its ability to connect via USB 2.0 or eSATA. So yeah, if all that matters to you is functionality (and not missing a single drama while out on that month-long vacation), we'd say the $239 asking price is totally reasonable.

[Via PCLaunches, thanks Vinit]

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