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Blu-ray Disc theft becoming an issue, some retailers taking action

Darren Murph

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If the shrink -- that measure of lost sales that typically go unaccounted for -- gets to growing at a faster pace than sales, you just might have a problem on your hands. According to Mark Fisher, EMA VP of strategic initiatives, that's exactly what's happening in some retail locations, though he does point out that having to tackle a theft issue is, at least in some way, a sign of heightened demand. Undisclosed sources have indicated that some retailers are facing Blu-ray theft rates in the double-digits, compared to around 1.5% for standard DVDs. EMA is already evaluating one possible solution from Aequitas Innovation, which places an RFID lock within the package that can only be unlocked upon being scanned at the register. In theory, at least, the theft deterrent should only add around $0.20 per unit, but whether or not this is more convenient than one of those "keeper cases" is totally up for debate.

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