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Noby Noby Boy on PlayStation Network February 19 [Update]

Majed Athab

Before delving into some of February's bigger, disc-based games like Killzone 2 and Street Fighter IV, Namco Bandai invites you into the zany world of Noby Noby Boy. It's the game where -- seemingly -- your imagination and insatiable hunger for eating things can take you to the moon -- literally. It will also allow you to record whatever strangeness you can procure which can then later be posted and viewed on YouTube.

Gamers in Europe can expect this spiritual successor to the Katamari series to hit the PS Store on February 19. It'll go on sale for a measly €3.99. While pricing for the UK was not mentioned in the latest press release, a quick look at previous pricing on PSN suggests to look forward to putting away £2.49. With recent news of a delay in Japan to coincide with the Feb. 19 release, we're thinking that North Americans should expect to see the game appear on that day too.

Update: We were right. Namco Bandai has announced a US release of Noby Noby Boy for Feb. 19th. It will be available for $4.99.


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