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Four new Spore titles on Wii, DS and PC this year

Justin McElroy

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Just as your Spore creature grows from a single cell to a mighty populace, so do the Spore franchise opportunities continue to emerge from the single acorn of Will Wright's PC masterpiece. EA has just revealed that you'll have four new entries in the series to sink your teeth/claws/proboscis into this year, including old news Spore Galactic Adventures. Also coming to PCs is Spore Creature Keeper, a kid-friendly title that lets you raise and play with a creature in captivity.

Coming to Nintendo's consoles is Spore Hero on the Wii, an adventure game "focusing on creativity and evolution" and built for the system's motion controls, and the DS's Spore Hero Arena, a continuation of last year's Spore Creatures that pits your creations against others. Look for both to swim, then squirm, then walk to shelves this fall.

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