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Linden Lab arrivals and departures

Tateru Nino

The lineup of staff at Second Life virtual environment developer/operator, Linden Lab changes on a month by month basis. There's been a bit of motion since the last high-profile hire.

Judy Wade, formerly Entrepreneur-in-residence at Kapor Enterprises Inc, has been hired as the vice president of Strategy and Emerging Business. That's the same Kapor as Mitch Kapor who has a seat on the board of directors as the Lab.

Eric Argel, formerly director of Information Architecture at Organic Inc San Francisco, is now director of Information Architecture at Linden Lab. That's the same Organic Inc where newly minted Linden Lab CEO, Mark Kingdon came from.

The summary of Eric's position at Organic reads "[H]e dreams up new ways of crafting immersive user experiences for the web, mobile devices, and console gaming platforms. At Organic he is currently creating user experiences for Sony, FOX, Chrysler, and new business initiatives." We do not know how that translates to his new role at Linden Lab.

Linden Lab is generally reticent to discuss any new staff, their roles or responsibilities, and both Wade and Argel seem to be no exception.

Additionally, Peter Gray has also joined the Lab as a PR specialist (Pete Linden). Peter Gray formerly worked at Lewis PR, the firm used by Linden Lab for its assort public relations and media communications.

As far as outgoings go -- there are usually more than we're aware of, but we've just been informed that Kathleen Craig (Katt Linden), Linden Lab's Communications Manager is no longer with the company. This appears to have taken place last week. Ms Craig was the most responsive Communications person we've worked with at Linden Lab to-date. It is not clear if that specific role will be refilled, or if it will be folded into another position.

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