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Missing remote covers the new highs and lows of Media Center in Windows 7

Ben Drawbaugh

The Missing Remote spent a few weeks with the new Windows Media Center in Windows 7 and was nice enough to share the experience by posting an overview and a few nice videos. Most of the this has been covered before, but there were a few good tidbits like m2ts container support, which will come in handy for playing Blu-ray rips. The most interesting part though is the list of pain points that were not addressed, like the fact that you still can't record the live TV buffer, no channel logos, and there is still no native Blu-ray support. The author obviously isn't an avid EHD reader or he would've been intimately familiar with the new Cyberlink Blu-ray playback software that was shown at CES. As for our coverage of the new Media Center features in Windows 7, stay tuned.

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