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Part of Microsoft's Gamerscore Blog team let go

Dustin Burg

Earlier today, Microsoft announced their layoff plans that include 1,400 job cuts effective immediately. Sadly, we now have a few faces to put to those job cutting numbers as we just caught word that two members of Microsoft's Gamerscore Blog have been let go.

Chris Paladino and Nelson Rodriguez both Twittered about the dismal news, with Paladino revealing that he is "a casualty" and adding that "if anyone needs a video producer/host/pr/marketing/community/numedia guy give a yell." Rodriguez, former host of the Achievement Junkie podcast, also revealed the bad news, asking "what happened to the AJ feed. Seems like it disappeared. Time to start fro m scratch. ;-)"
We never thought that the retiring of the Gamerscore Blog would result in job cuts, seeing how we were under the impression that the GSB team would be working on other projects within' the Xbox division. Best of luck Paladino and Rodriguez on your future endeavors. What a craptacular economy we live in.

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