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Some of Microsoft's Gamerscore Blog crew let go

The first, and definitely the most visible, repercussion of Microsoft's plan to cut 1,400 positions immediately – the first major round of layoffs in the company's history – comes to us via Chris Paladino's Twitter feed. Paladino, of course, was one part of Microsoft's Gamerscore Blog team; while the blog was shuttered earlier this week, we didn't know the team would be let go as well.

Paladino first reported that "The Gamerscore blog team is no more" and then clarified that he was "a casualty" and looking for work. Gamerscore blogger – and former Achievement Junkie podcast host – Nelson Rodriguez wrote, "wondering what happened to the AJ feed. Seems like it disappeared. Time to start from scratch." We've reached out to some of those affected to learn the extent of the layoffs.

Best of luck to everyone who found themselves on the receiving end of a pink slip this week, including our friends formerly of Gamerscore Blog. And know this, economy: now we're taking this personally. Enough!

Source – CPaladino [Twitter]
Source – NelsonRodriguez [Twitter]

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