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The Daily Grind: PvP or PvE?


Are you a ruthless killer or a ruthless killer? Ok, scratch that, bad distinction. A better question is do you prefer to spill the blood of vicious monsters or the blood of players who spill the blood of vicious monsters?

Today's grind question is, if you haven't guessed or read the title by now, would you rather PvP or PvE your way to fame and glory? Are you more of the type to spend lots of time in World of Warcraft's Arenas (when they're not broken) and Warhammer's Realm vs. Realm, or are you the type of person who would fetch that book for old Abercrombie and protect the lands from the invading dark elves?

We're interested in what you have to say on this very divisive issue. Drop us a line in the comment box that's hiding down below this article and tell us if you enjoy your PvE, PvP, or even a combination of both!

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