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WoW Moviewatch: The Bloodsail Elite song


AdmiralQ published this piece in honor of the Bloodsail Elites on Sha'tar EU. It's titled appropriately as The Bloodsail Elite song. I guess it's kind of a theme song for the Guild, and probably has some in jokes that we're not going to get unless you're a member. The production values could use a little help in this song, since it sounds like everyone was "singing" by whispering into their microphone. I was nervous when I first heard the soundtrack kick on, as it very much sounded like someone activate Ventrillo.

I'm very glad I gave it a chance because I really liked the song. It's clever and fun and that's a combination that's hard to get wrong. The song is obviously meant to be good humor, and I think it succeeds. Its rhyme and meter match the background music, and seems inspired by "Drunken Sailor." While the movie backdrop probably won't knock any socks off, that doesn't really matter. Like most music videos, the video part is there as an enhancement, and the giggly-fun song carries the work as a whole.

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