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Android Cupcake in all its keyboard-having glory, T-Mobile plays dumb

Chris Ziegler

It's anybody's guess when we're going to get this stuff in the G1, so we may as well torture ourselves in the meanwhile with some visuals, right? IntoMobile has posted a handful of Cupcake screen grabs, showing scintillating features like a task manager (minus the "manager" part since you can only see what's running, not kill processes), a work-in-progress world clock, new controls for transition effects and visuals, and -- of course -- the all-important virtual keyboard. It's good stuff all around, and realistically, it's stuff that should've found its way into the shipping build.

On a related note, we got an official statement from T-Mobile regarding Cupcake's release on the G1 today, and it's every bit as vague and unhelpful as we'd expect it to be: "According to the Android team, 'Cupcake,' which is the code name for an Android software build, is still a work in progress that is considered to be a development branch and not for general availability. We will update you as T-Mobile G1 software updates are made available to T-Mobile customers." In other words, this could be out tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year, but considering the totally varied completeness of different Cupcake features, we wouldn't be surprised to see it doled out in bite-sized increments over multiple over-the-air updates.

[Via Talk Android]

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