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Forbes writer defends "knockoff" slam against Rock Band

Earlier in the week, Forbes writer Peter C. Beller became the industry's latest whipping boy after taking ironic (and comical) shots at Harmonix for knocking off Activision's Guitar Hero to develop Rock Band. Calling Rock Band "a shameless knockoff of Guitar Hero," many chalked the remarks up to a journalist swallowing public relations fluff, often served to the gaming unaware in hopes to strike a cord with the readership of an unrelated industry publication.

Surprisingly, Beller has come to the defense of his statements saying, "If you define knockoff as "a copy or imitation of someone or something popular" the way Merriam-Webster does, then I think Rock Band fits the bill nicely." Beller continued, explaining he is aware Harmonix was the development team behind both titles but made the statement to outline that Activision has strong competition regardless of how profitable its franchises are. Unfortunately, in the statement made to GameDaily, Beller failed to explain why his editorial was so slanted. In fact his statement failed to explain anything, really.

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