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Gears of War 2: Players' gaming habits get statistical

Dustin Burg

Gamasutra with data compiled from GamerDNA's 150,000 Xbox Live members have focused their analytical powers on Gears of War 2, gamers' playing habits and how much DLC affects gameplay. Their analysis of the gaming data shows that more gamers (74%) tried the original Gears after the first two months post launch than Gears 2 (43.4%) during the same period. We also learn that DLC has what they call a "diminishing return", meaning that the spike in player activity after DLC releases slowly trickles back to normal levels.

Make the jump to view even more Gears 2 stats and figures (including a pie chart!) all while pondering whether or not the recent title update will get you back into the mix or if you've permanently shelved Gears.

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