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Madden 09 predicts Pittsburgh Steelers victory in Super Bowl XLIII


The Super Bowl is only a few days away, and as expected, EA has run a Super Bowl simulation using this year's Madden. This year, the publisher expects the Pittsburgh Steelers to achieve a narrow victory over the Arizona Cardinals, with a final score of 28-24.

The annual Madden prediction has been fairly successful, with the exception of last year's surprise victory from the New York Giants:
  • 2004 - Madden: Patriots ; Reality: Patriots
  • 2005 - Madden: Patriots ; Reality: Patriots
  • 2006 - Madden: Steelers ; Reality: Steelers
  • 2007 - Madden: Colts ; Reality: Colts
  • 2008 - Madden: Patriots ; Reality: Giants
Super Bowl XLIII kicks off February 1st, when the NY Giants will somehow manage to pull off an even more startling victory this year. Go NY!

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