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New screenshots and concept art of The Old Republic revealed


You don't need to travel to distant worlds, or perform any jedi mind tricks to get more looks into the deep world of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Today's website update provides more concept art, in the form of desktop backgrounds, and screenshots for those hungry for Star Wars information.

These screenshots focus on the planets of Korriban and Tython, and much of the action that can take place in those two very different environments. Some of the highlights of these screenshots include the showdown between a Mon Calamari and a traitor outside of a jedi academy and a jedi facing off against a very large, and equally scary, Acklay.

Check out the screenshots in the galleries below and see the action for yourself!

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Star Wars: The Old Republic BioWare has finally unveiled Star Wars: The Old Republic, their new MMO! Massively's got you covered on all the details. Check out our comprehensive guide on everything we know so far about the game, or just peruse our screenshot/concept art galleries. Join us in the Galaxy far, far away!

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