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Onechanbara takes to the streets


At the risk of recycling the same joke a little too often, D3 has pressed on with its range of live-action viral videos promoting Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers. Today's pop culture-spoofing clip tells the tale of zombie rap duo "Rest-n-Peace" bemoaning the alleged unwillingness of Asian girls to sleep around. So yes: although tongue-in-cheek, this could be deemed fairly offensive.

That's why we're giving you fair warning now: if you thought the most recent videos in this series were a bit close to the bone, you're probably going to find the clip past the break more distasteful. The amount of female flesh on display here means this is NSFW -- unless you have an incredibly tolerant, slightly pervy boss.


Really, we'd just prefer to see some new, extended gameplay footage.

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