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Pwn Boon: Midway invites gamers to take on MK vs. DC devs over Live

Looking for a little healthy competition? Midway devs are inviting gamers to throw down for a few friendly rounds of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe between 8PM - 11PM (EST) today, January 23. Developers of MK vs. DC will be on hand, including series co-creator Ed Boon, for the exclusive event, taking place over Xbox Live. To join, players should look for select Xbox Live Gamertags making the rounds in ranked matches later today. Interested to test your might? Jump in for a full list of developers taking part in the event as well as all of the Midway Gamertags to look out for.

The developers who will be playing include:

  • Ed Boon - Creative Director/Team Lead
  • Paulo Garcia - Senior Designer
  • Brian Lebaron - Designer
  • Ryan Rosenberg - Environment Artist
  • Eddie Ferrier - Designer
  • Adam Hernandez - Design Support
  • Hector Sanchez - Producer
  • Dave Bulvan - Lead Software Tester
  • Derek Kirtzic - Gameplay Tester
  • Shaun Himmerick - Producer
  • Hans Lo - Producer
Midway Gamertags:
  • Kamidogu
  • MK Noob
  • MK Hornbuckle
  • MK HanzoHasashi
  • MK BlindKenshi
  • MK Tundra
  • MK Apep
  • MK Ketchup
  • MK Mustard
  • MK Skully
  • FreezeGoroSweep

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