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Rockefeller details DTV Delay Act: No guarantees this is the only one, stations can go all-digital before June


Now that Senator Jay Rockefeller's bill seems likely to pass, we're able to find out more about it, and what compromises were made. Besides heaping blame upon the outgoing administration for this mess (and rightfully so, but since most of the people on Capitol Hill today have been there for several years -- albeit in different positions -- we figure there's plenty to go around), a statement notes this should be the last delay "barring emergencies" but don't expect any guarantees just yet. As it stands, while we still wait for that additional funding to come through for the converter coupon program the bill will allow the NTIA to re-issue coupons to households with expired, unused ones, while letting broadcasters shut off analog before the new June 12 deadline and public safety organizations use the now-vacated spectrum once it's available. Is 115 days enough/too much to straighten things out, or just the new administration delaying what seems like an inevitable PR disaster? Expect more details once it comes to a vote next week.

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