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Rumor: Retailers leak Space Invaders Extreme 2, list features


March 26, 2009. That's when this mysterious Play-Asia listing says that Space Invaders Extreme 2 will be out in Japan (and therefore available from the importer). The listing has a DS product number that leads to other Japanese retailers' listings for the same thing -- which contain product descriptions! The most extensive description shows new features like a new "bingo system", boss formations, and enhanced multiplayer modes.

With all these details, we're inclined to believe that this is real, and it's coming (to Japan) really soon. We've been playing more Space Invaders Extreme lately, and we're more certain than ever that it was one of the best games of 2008. We are officially entering FEVER TIME! We're totally setting ourselves up for crushing disappointment if it turns out not to be. Won't you join us in getting our hopes way, way up?


[Via Siliconera]

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