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Rumor: Xbox 360 to receive red 'sident Evil 5 bundle


Ars Technica's mysterious mole has brought word that Capcom's monstrous African safari, Resident Evil 5, will be sold in a new Xbox 360 bundle, presumably alongside the game's launch on March 13th. The bundle will allegedly include: a copy of the game; a red Xbox 360; a red controller; an "exclusive" Resident Evil 5 NXE theme and a download coupon for Xbox Live Arcade's Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD.

We've asked Capcom for comment (Update: No comment), but in the meantime, let's ponder some of the mysteries surrounding this supposed bundle. What Xbox 360 model is included? How much will it cost? And why red? Out of all the colors in the world, red has to be the least favorite among current and future Xbox 360 owners.

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