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Twice the experience for Paragon's heroes this weekend

We know how busy things can get after the start of the year. Kids head, grumbling, back to school; college is open for another grueling term; work may just seem like a string of meetings about the next year - to the point where you think if you hear the word "budget" one more time, you're going to go medieval on someone. Those guys from Office Space? That fax machine? Yeah, they won't have anything on you when you finally toss the Power Point projector through the window.

The good news is that if you're looking to escape all those worldly frustrations this weekend, City of Heroes has just the treat for you. All the Heroes and Villains of Paragon, recently having taken on Day Jobs of their own, are getting a break in the form of a weekend stuffed full of double experience! So if you've got an alt that you've been considering running up, or just want a break from hanging out in Pocket D or Atlas Park, grab some friends and go get your mission on for tons of sweet, sweet double experience. And hey - you can always imagine some big nasty boss is really that Power Point projector you've come to loathe so much.

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