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Verizon's LG VX9600 to be called "Versa"

Chris Ziegler

Remember how we told you that Verizon was debating between "Phenom," "Clip," and "Versa" for the name of its totally wacky, totally modular LG VX9600? Turns out they've settled on Versa -- short for "versatile," we guess, seeing how the touchscreen phone will feature standard keyboard and optional game pad modules, among others. Other than that, details are still sketchy, but we know that it'll have stereo Bluetooth and support for microSD cards up to 8GB. If we had to take a totally random guess, we'd say that Verizon might be tracking this one for a release right around CTIA in April, but it could just as easily come tomorrow or in ten months. To be safe, we'd all better start saving for those optional attachments now -- wouldn't want to get caught short-changed when it drops.

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