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WRUP: Don't Panic Edition

Ross Miller

We know change can be scary, but please, listen to the good book, have a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, and whatever you do, don't panic.
  • Alexander Sliwinski: Continuing my quest to beat the Left 4 Dead levels on Expert. Completed "No Mercy" last weekend with a reader and we plan to push forward. Beyond that, there will be Fallout 3.
  • Andrew Yoon: I'm back in Mirror's Edge. I got my 50 Star Trophy -- but the upcoming DLC is asking for a ridiculous 90 Star score. Time to practice.
  • Christopher Grant: Having timed my journey into Fallout 3's post-apocalyptic Washington DC to roughly coincide with this week's Obamania (it's just like going to the inauguration, but less crowds!), I'll be spending much of gaming weekend there. My only complaint so far: it's actually too detailed. Not only the stats-heavy gameplay, but the aesthetic. I'm sure all that focusing gave me a headache last night.
  • Griffin McElroy: LittleBigPlanet has encased me in its adorable tendrils, and refuses to let go. I feel like I've played through the brunt of the magnificent, highly rated levels out there -- anyone got any suggestions for me?
  • James Ransom-Wiley: (still "...")
  • Jason Dobson: I'll be scrounging through the couch cushions for quarts this weekend and hitting a newly opened local arcade for a gaming experience only slightly less engaging than those in my own living room.
  • Justin McElroy: I'm going to spend the week mourning the old Joystiq, when it was still good before it sold out to corporate interests. Old Joystiq FTW.
  • Ludwig Kietzmann: I'll be playing ... Naruto: Rise of a Ninja, which I still can't believe is a Ubisoft game. I'm always wary of any anime series that has over a billion episodes, so a compressed and interactive narrative sounds like a better way to catch up on this thing the kids are all on about. Believe it! ... That's what he says, right?
  • Randy Nelson: I'm going to play catch-up with Battlestar Galactica on Legendary difficulty. That's sort of like a game, right? It is very fun ... although there are a lot of cut scenes.
  • Ross Miller: I've got a hella-busy day, so I probably won't be gaming at all. If all goes according to plan, however, I will be checking out the Portal gun in person, which is all kinds of awesome.

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