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WRUP: What's a WRUP? edition


What's a "WRUP," you ask? Well, in our game-addled brains, it stands for "what are you playing" and it's a chance for you and the Massively staff to chat about the most important subject in MMO gaming today: what you're playing right now. Here's what the Massively team is up to this week, a list dominated by everyone's favorite MMOs.
Of now free-to-play Tabula Rasa, all we have to say is: it's a trap! You'll either enjoy it -- but it's shutting down forever soon -- or you won't enjoy it and it will have been a waste of playtime.

Alexis Kassan: I'll be playing mommy to a sick puppy dog. Hoping to spare a few minutes to level my main in WoW and try to max out Mining and Cooking. Eventually I'll bring my Blacksmithing up to speed too. Major goal is to level from 72 to 73.
Brendan Drain: EVE Online. I don't have much time to play this weekend due to exams so today I just ran a few missions. I might go for some small roaming gang PvP in the faction warfare region Black Rise later or if there's a big fleet going down I'll probably join that.
Colin Brennan: Looks like my guild is doing classic raid content in World of Warcraft. Blackwing Lair, Onyxia, and Kara. Also heavy roleplay. :D
Dan O'Halloran: I'll continue to furiously level my Lore-master in LotRO to get him to Moria. I'll also be participating in the Lunar Festival in WoW to get moving on all the Achievements associated with the seasonal event.
Kyle Horner: Double experience weekend in City of Heroes for me! I'll probably be playing my gravity/empathy controller.
Michael Zenke: Catching up levels in LotRO. I'm 28 pushing on 30, and next week I'll be into Book 3.
Shawn Schuster: I'm on the home stretch for getting my LotRO main to level 60, and my kin and I have Book 2.4.7 scheduled for tonight. Other than that, I've just downloaded City of Heroes and can't wait to try that out for the first time, thanks to that Tabula Rasa "severance package" from NCsoft. If you don't hear from me on Monday, it means I'm drowning in alts. Sweet, sweet CoX character creation.
William Dobson: Giving Vanguard a try for the first time. So far, so good!

So what are you playing this weekend?

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