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The byd:sign digital photo frame with 1Seg: like a TV, but way, way smaller


If you've been getting tired of the steady stream of ho-hum digital photo frames hitting the market lately, maybe the DP-1001DW is your density... er, destiny. The new pic-viewer from Japanese maker byd:sign has one notable feature that really sets it apart from the unruly riff-raff of the digiframe world... a 1Seg tuner. While you get a 10.2-inch, 800 x 480 display, a contrast ratio of 300:1, support for MPEG, XviD, and MP3 files, as well as a totally attractive choice of a white or black bezel, you also have the totally orginal option of... watching TV. So, really, it's more like a 10.2-inch television. That only works in Asia. In all fairness, it does appear to sport an alarm clock as well. No word on price or release date, but we don't plan to budge until this is nestled tightly in a corner of our home... being viewed by a tiny human or small animal.

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