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Braid's Jonathan Blow working on a 2D RPG

If you enjoyed the older Final Fantasy games but always wished they included more navel-gazing reflections on love, loss and (possibly) the atomic bomb, brace yourself for stellar news: Jonathan Blow, the mind behind last year's surreptitious hit chronoplatformer Braid, recently mentioned in a Gamasutra interview that he's currently working on a new 2D role-playing game. He revealed few details, but did mention that dialogue is "very closely related to the core mechanic" of the game. Consider us intrigued.

However, don't get your hopes up quite yet -- by Blow's own concession, the guy's got the attention span of a fruit fly. He explained that he's worked on several projects since wrapping up Braid, teasing, "you never know. Next month, it could be a Pac-Man clone or something." Ah, yes -- a Pac-Man clone, in which the circular, titular hero takes copious amounts of drugs and is chased by the ghosts of his past in a futile attempt to reclaim the affections of his female, bow-headed counterpart. Hey, we're down with that too.

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