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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending January 18th, 2009

Ben Drawbaugh

As the reality of the so called 5th quarter hits home and both the old and new forms of package media come back down to reality, Blu-ray continues to hold its own. We assume this is because of all those Blu-ray players sold over Christmas, but it could just as well be all the sales on discs out there. The really good news from Nielsen VideoScan courtesy of Home Media Magazine though isn't the 12 percent market share, the real good news is all the new data. There are two new charts this week that are of particular interest so we're including them after the break with the usually top 20 chart. Both of the new charts are just updated version of the old ones, but updates that provide some very insightful information. The first is the Blu-ray market share vs DVD, which now thankfully only includes the top 50 Blu-ray titles rather than sorted by the share of each title. This brings us new data like the fact that even after a month, The Dark Knight still moves about 30 percent of its discs on Blu-ray. The second new chart also brings us per title market share, but this time of the top 20 titles on DVD. This makes it easy to see which titles still aren't on Blu-ray despite being released on DVD, as well as how well some of the less popular tiles on Blu-ray stack up. Like for example the fact that while My Best Friend's Girl made its debut on at number three on the DVD chart, on Blu-ray it only managed to steal away 8 percent from the incumbent. This of course will be more interesting as we move along, but for now we're just really thankful that Nielsen and HMM made the changes we've been clamoring for.

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