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Bit.Trip: Beat could bounce our way as soon as February


In an interview with Game Music 4 All, Gaijin Games' Alex Neuse offered a potential launch window for the ultra-retro music game Bit.Trip: Beat. "We are madly scrambling to finish the game up as I type this," Neuse said. "Our hopeful launch will be in mid-February, but I will not promise a date yet. :)" Of course, even if there were a specific date, WiiWare launch dates are unreliable and infinitely mutable based pretty much on Nintendo's whims. We're just glad to hear that he's thinking it could come out soon!

When it does come out, in addition to three original tracks included (which will build based on the player's performance, like Rez), two tracks from chiptune superstar Bit Shifter will be included in the game, as the menu and credits music! It's like Bit.Trip: Beat is the official game of chiptunes!

Neuse gave a couple of vague hints about upcoming Bit.Trip sequels, as well. "Episode 2 of the BIT.TRIP saga will continue the story of CommanderVideo's mission and will also introduce an entirely new gameplay mechanic-still rhythm based of course, and still chiptuney." We knew it was going to be a series, but we didn't know they were all going to be rhythm games. This is wonderful.


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