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Blu-ray releases on January 27th 2009

Ben Drawbaugh

There are actually quite a few new releases this week worthy of your rental queue and maybe even of your buying dollars. The most obvious is the latest Guy Ritchie movie RocknRolla, which has a very respectable IMDB score of 7.5 -- and after Snatch how could you not give it a try? Warner keeps it rolling with another day-and-date, Pride and Glory, which didn't do as well on IMDB, but anything with Edward Norton is good, right? Warner also has a sold catalog with Pacino's Any Given Sunday and Universal continues to play catch up with the very popular The Bourne Trilogy -- and no, the movies aren't available individually, which is a crime. Two other mentionables this week is the day-and-date thriller Lakeview Terrace from Sony and Zodiac from Paramount. Next week looks to have a few good catalogs on it as well, as we can't wait to laugh again at Office Space and Sideways.

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