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Echoes of My Life as a King


New screenshots of the dual DS-Wii release Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time show off a lot of rather interesting new things! First, and most obviously, hey, it's the King and Chime from My Life as a King! Actually, as far as we can tell, it's player characters in costumes resembling the stars of Square Enix's WiiWare strategy game. Second, it seems that the Wii version has received a bit more of a visual upgrade since we last saw it. It's smoother, anyway.

Echoes of Time features a (fairly standard) "New Game Plus" mode in which players can start again after finishing the game, to find more items, including many that are unavailable the first time through. We assume that's the only way to get these costumes, for instance. You can choose either to start again with your same character and continue building, or to start a new character, which increases the difficulty!

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