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Intel Chairman Craig Barrett heads to retirement (voluntarily)

Tim Stevens

With all sorts of tech giants releasing bad news lately, Intel seems to be holding its own. As AMD sheds divisions and multiple thousands of employees, its direct competition has thus-far announced a single round of layoffs, closing a manufacturing facility in the Philippines. Now, however, Intel is taking a little off the top, with Chairman and 35-year veteran Craig Barrett stepping down in May. Barrett, who turns 70 in August, has been at the helm of the most recognizable CPU maker in the world since 1974 and, while he got the company through the bursting .com bubble, it looks like he's wisely decided to sit this recession out. We wish him a relaxing retirement in some idyllic former-executive paradise, and also wish Jane Shaw, his successor, an awful lot of luck -- she's going to need it.

[Via Reuters UK]

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