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Nokia spits out updates for N82 and N78


Nokia's update elves have been hard at work getting improvements out to all kinds lately and today's lucky recipients are the N78 and N82. N78 (v20.149.051.1) gets a new version of Nokia Maps, and some speed boost in the UI department -- which is always appreciated. N82 (v31.0.016) apparently gets has User Data Preservation (which should ensure this update won't wipe out your personal settings) and some other unknowns, though All About Symbian figure it's mostly bug fixes. Update's available via Nokia Software Update, but before you hop-to, follow the various reads and vias for a full breakdown of what's new.

[Via Symbian-Guru, here and here]

Update: UDP is NOT new in this release as pointed out by Steve Litchfield (All About Symbian) and Will. Many thanks.

Read - N82 update details
Read - N78 update details

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