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Report: EA's Criterion, Bright Light studios safe from layoffs

Jason Dobson

At least two studios appear to have sidestepped the torrent of layoffs that have loomed over the game industry in recent months. Develop reports that UK-based Burnout dev Criterion and Bright Light, Electronic Arts' casual game studio in Guildford, have been given immunity from EA's recent round of layoffs. That sound you hear is a collective sigh of relief.

Staff cuts at EA have been particularly deep, with numerous employees at its Mythic, Black Box and Tiburon branches given their walking papers in just the last week. With news of Bright Light's amnesty, it seems certain that EA is looking to casually dig itself out of its financial hole. Then again, maybe once Criterion gets its time circuits working we can all go back to a time when money was easier to come by.

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