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    Sharp's LC-52D85U LCD HDTV reviewed: at least the image quality rocks

    Darren Murph

    When it comes to HDTVs, there's really only one thing that matters most: picture quality. Evidently Sharp's engineers took this to heart, as the 52-inch LC-52D85U was harshed on in just about every other area. The remote was picked apart for having minuscule buttons and a near-worthless backlight, while the on-screen menus were lambasted for being difficult to navigate. Heck, critics even blasted the omission of an SD card slot, Ethernet jack, USB socket and picture-in-picture functionality. One thing they couldn't slam, however, was the quality of the images coming from the screen, with critics noting that "at $2,300, this model provides the best picture for its price among the 50- and 52-inch sets." So, do you stare at your HDTV, or tinker with it? That, friends, is the question.

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