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The Daily Grind: Is your rig pimpin', or just plain ghetto?

William Dobson

We came across an interesting post at the Twenty Sided blog, titled "PC Games Retirement Home", in which Shamus Young commented on his lack of the need to purchase a new PC in recent times. Although he is certainly a gamer, the next PC games that he is looking forward to won't roll around for quite some time now that he's done with Fallout 3, and most of his video-gaming will be fulfilled by his console setup. In the past, his computer upgrades were frequent, but without major jumps in technology, or compelling PC games on the horizon to force his hand, he's managed to stay with the same PC for the last three years. He isn't saying that PC gaming is dead, but it's impossible to deny that the landscape has changed.

He does acknowledge, however, that MMOs are still enjoying some success on the PC platform. Does this mean that MMO gamers have kept up the PC-enthusiast's tradition of owning all the latest hardware? Although it's possible to play many MMOs with an older PC (especially browser-based games or titles like World of Warcraft that aim to fit the masses) newer MMOs such as Age of Conan or Lord of the Rings Online have been designed to take advantage of the latest PC hardware, and you will undoubtedly have a better experience on a flashier gaming rig. A tired old PC might even be a barrier to entry when trying out the most cutting-edge MMOs.

So we ask you, as MMO gamers: do you have a beastly PC that you upgrade/replace quite frequently, or have you found that a respectable older rig has been able to satisfy your MMO needs over the last few years?

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