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Visenta V1 multitouch wireless keyboard gets the hands-on treatment


It may not exactly boast the HTPC-friendly looks of something like the diNovo Edge, but if you're looking for a basic wireless keyboard with a bit of added multitouch, you may want to keep an eye out for this V1 model from Visenta, which the folks at Engadget Chinese recently managed to get their hands on. This one makes use of the tried-and-true 2.4GHz band to give you a range of up to 20 meters (hence the dongle), and includes ten dedicated Vista Media Center buttons, plus all the usual energy saving measures you'd expect to help you get the most from the required four AAA batteries. What's more, while there's no official word on a release 'round here just yet, it looks like some are already turning up on eBay for $130 (plus shipping from China, naturally). Be sure to hit up the link below for a closer look.

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