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Wiseman: Gears of War movie like harder-edged Lord of the Rings

Justin McElroy

In all fairness to director Len Wiseman, that comparison, gathered recently by Bloody-Disgusting, is in reference to his desire to make a trilogy of Gears of War films. It's in much the same way that one might refer to a box of Cheez-Its as "like a cheesier, more cracker-like Beatles box set" because they both happen to come in a box.

In other news that has us overflowing with confidence, Wiseman told B-D, "I suck at video games, it just takes me too long and I can't get the coordination of 'em. When I was on [Live Free Or] Die Hard, I had to choose some video game for the background in a scene with Kevin Smith. I was shown about a dozen games and told to 'Choose one to be in the background' and I said 'this one looks really, really cool whatever it is,' and it was Gears Of War."

Is that what passes for a "meet-cute" these days?


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