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AudioQuest cooks up field terminated HDMI cables

Darren Murph

Installers and DIYers, take note -- AudioQuest has just solved one of HDMI's biggest challenges. Reportedly, the company has created the world's first HDMI cables and connectors that can be terminated in the field while still retaining the integrity of HDMI. Essentially, this solution calls for installers to split the 19 HDMI wires into two groups -- one of ten and one of nine -- in order to make each bundle one that can be crimped. Additionally, AudioQuest's design relies on solid conductors instead of stranded wires, which are supposedly better suited to keep signal integrity and geometry stability. Testing proved that these field terminated cables were able to maintain an optimal 100 Ohms throughout the connector, which is arguably even better than what's offered in the outfit's traditional soldered cables. Of course, HDMI Licensing still has to decide whether or not the new method is fit for certification, but you can bet that AudioQuest will be pushing its point hard in the near future.

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