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General Mobile Android-based dual SIM DSTL1 to hit Barcelona


As anyone could have guessed, Android is going to be all over MWC in Barcelona this February, and it certainly looks like General Mobile, known for its dual-SIM handsets (at least in those parts of the world where that sort of thing gets any play) will be getting in on the action with a little something they like to call the DSTL1. Aside from the chilled out demeanor and all-around dual SIMiness, this device packs in a 3-inch TFT touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash (made by Sharp), 4GB storage, WiFi, and a 624MHz Marvell processor. Also worth noting is the hardware's display, which, apparently at 400 x 240 could run into the same grief as Kogan's failed effort. Also missing -- and rightly pointed out by Android Authority -- are Android's required 5 hardware keys, but, it is a render, right? Due out in Q3 of this year, there's no price yet -- but you'll know as soon as we do. Promise.

[Via Android Authority]

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