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Guildwatch: Topping meters on every character, every night

Mike Schramm

It is a kind of poetry, really: the lament of the shunned looter. Bullgrim was clearly unhappy that after all of his hard work, his strat sharing, his walking of the guild through old raids, his bringing of 110% every night, and his passing up of "numerous offers from better guilds," the RNG decided to keep him from getting the piece of loot he really wanted. A shame. But great art comes from great suffering, and this is definitely great -- well, it's kind of art. Kind of.

Lots more art (depending, once again, on your definition of "art") in this week's GW -- we've got guild drama, downs, and recruiting notices from all across the realms. We're almost cleared through the backlog of guild notices (sorry if we had a delay on yours there -- we got a ton of them all at once), so we'll give out the email once again: to see your guild here, drop us a note (and please keep it short, sweet, and clear) at Click on to read on!


  • Here's another guild, this time Salus Novus on Bladefist, exploiting the Sartharion kill and then bragging about it afterwards. They're still talking about how they did the exploit, but Blizzard hasn't taken any actions yet, as far as we can see. Should they?
  • Unfortunately, the thread is gone, so we don't have much on this one, but we hear Project Flying Monkey invaded the vent channel of Darksun (both on the EU Bloodfeather realm), and hilarity ensued. We'd sure like to hear those recordings -- did anyone press the red button before the attack?
  • Prominence of Dragonblight also exploited for the Sartharion with three drakes kill. Their GM sounds contrite, and even tries to pass a line off like "we tried to tell everyone not to do it, but some people didn't get the message." Even if we give him the benefit of the doubt, though, the guild got the achievement when they didn't deserve it. Blizzard should be watching out for that, right?
  • Foofy was just planning to nicely say goodbye to Arygos, but her former guildies from Novus Chalybs aren't having any of that. Before the thread is over, it comes out that Foofy, a well-loved personality on the server, got kicked out of the guild for poor representation. And her soon-to-be husband, Azamanthe, shows up on page 4 with the real story: a guildie who got promoted to officer has apparently been causing trouble since Sunwell, and that's why the couple is departing the server. Ironic, as a few people note, that they kicked her out of the guild for supposedly representing it badly, but they're not quite seen as heroes for being such jerks, either.
  • This really isn't guild drama, but I don't know if there's ever been a more /popcorn thread than this. It's like Jerry Springer -- "So Alcan, you say that Sialeeds left your group to go AFK and you're angry at her? Well here she is!" Fistfight ensues.
  • This is pretty cool, and might be kind of useful for you raidleaders out there. Fusion on Turalyon has put together a site called StratsFu, full of strategies for raiding that they've picked up in their adventures. Maybe if you're beating your heads up against a certain boss it'll help you out. Thanks, Fusion!
  • Wow, Kill It With Fire is really, really unhappy someone killed the auctioneer in Booty Bay while trying to earn Bloodsail rep. We get it guys -- the dude was a jerk and did a little in-game griefing. But is it really worth the TLDR screeds on the forums?
  • Any thread that starts out with "Bullgrim is a egotistical, loot hungry, self obsessed person," has tons of chat screenshots and even some guild forum captures in it, and has Bullgrim himself showing up in the first page is a winner. Short version: Bullgrim really wanted some gear, was disappointed and threw a fit when he didn't get it, and is now trying to live down what he did, while someone from his old server won't let him forget it.
  • Baneheart maintanked Shattered from Shadowsong right along to Sartharion 3D... and then they ditched him for a Paladin. Ouch. Not cool, especially since there apparently wasn't any problem with his tanking in the first place.
  • This one's worth a read just to watch Ghorvak try to defend his ninja. Yes, I took it, and yes, I only took it because of my weird rule system, but no, it wasn't a ninja.
  • Knights of Ni on Dawnbringer put Kel'Thuzad in his place for the first time. Normal and Heroic Obsidian Sanctum are on farm and Malygos is on notice for this week. They are still recruiting: Shadow Priests, Warlocks, tanks and healers.
  • Alliance of Azeroth (members of Saints of Elune, Knights of Arathai, Assertus De Justum, and House of Fallen Angels, all on Eonar-A) are on a roll. They've already cleared OS and VoA, and went into the Spider wing of Naxx to down 2 of 3 bosses on their first night there, too! They're doing all three instances for progression right now. Grats on what you've done so far, and good luck on the rest!
  • Pride of the Alliance on EU Turalyon has been rolling through Naxx. They've finished off Plague and Arachnid Quarters as well as Patchwerk and Grobbulus. Gluth is next there, and OS is on farm, as eventually they want to leave some of the drakes standing. They're also recruiting -- hit up the website if interested.
  • Balance of Judgement on EU Darkmoon Faire-A went into Naxx last week and cleared out the Arachnid and Plague Quarters, as well as Patchwerk. Grats!
  • Sanity on Dentarg split off of From the Internet in order to form a new West Coast guild. It was a peaceful and drama-free split, we're told, and it worked: they cleared 10-man Naxx multiple times already and are looking for more people to start 25 mans. They start raids late, at 1am server, and end them when someone's got to get to bed.
  • Bohemia on EU Grim Batol is a small casual guild for 10 man content. After struggling a bit to get their raids going, they cleared Naxx 10 man in just three raids. They're also recruiting two healers and one tank, check their site for more information.
  • Arkham Academy on Dalaran-A completed their first full clear of Naxx 10 man last week. They are now working on getting the place under farm status and are preparing to dare Malygos to give them his best shot. Recruitments are always open, with a rotating roster of casual raiders. They are, however, set for tanks and healers, apparently.
  • Hordecore on Echo Isles has cleared Naxx up to the Frost wing. Their biggest enemies, they say, have been lag and Zombie Chow. No idea what that means.
  • Cohors Aquila of Bloodhoof has cleared all 10 man content (Naxx, Archavon, Sarithon, and Malygos) and is working on killing Sarithon with 1-3 drakes up. Malygos went down for the first time two weeks ago and again after the last reset.
  • Trial By Fire, a casual Moon Guard raiding guild, downed Kel'Thuzad (10 man) last week after a good six hours (!) of wipes. They regularly run Obsidian Sanctum on both 10 and 25 man but apparently Kel'Thuzad was serious business.
  • Celestial Uprising on Terenas has downed Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad in 10 man Naxx and are putting it on farm status. They've also downed 10 man VoA and OS and are starting 25 man Naxx with Talon of the Phoenix as well. Good luck!
  • Grand Theft Pony of Shadow Council has completed the first full clear of 10 man Naxx after just three weeks of raiding. OS is on farm and Malygos is on notice. They are also looking for Shaman, Mages, and Priests to add to the raiding roster. Visit their website to apply.
  • Quintessential on Kel'Thuzad stormed through Heroic Naxxramas this week, finishing off all of the wings, one-shotting Sapphiron and downing Kel'Thuzad himself in two tries for their first kills. They will be venturing into Heroic Eye of Eternity on Thursday to face Malygos for the first time. Good luck!
  • Purple Vision of EU Haomarush downed Sartharion with all three drakes this week after a couple weeks of trying. Grats!
  • Spartan Legion of Dark Iron-A has downed the Arachnid and Plague Quarters of Naxx. From there they took down Sartharion with no drakes. Abomination Quarter is up next.
  • Nocturnus Vexillari of Dath'Remar-H successfully downed Sarth with three drakes up on both 10 man and 25 man versions. Grats! They also did the Heroic Malygos under five minutes achievement, which is pretty darn impressive. Now, they say, "The Immortal" is on notice. Good luck!
  • Confused and Irrational on Steamwheedle Cartel cleaned out all four wings in Naxxaramas 10-man in their second week raiding in Wrath, leaving only Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad to go. They one-shotted Gothik and and Four Horseman. Nice! They're also seeking ranged DPS and a healer or two to round out the raid.
  • Abaddon has pushed further at being the most progressed Alliance guild on the Sentinels server and downed Sartharion with Tenebron and Vesperon alive. Next up: Heroic: The Twilight Zone and a complete clear of all Tier 7 challenges. Good luck.
  • Amicitia on EU Earthen Ring downed 13 of the 15 bosses in Naxx in just two and a half weeks. Last raiding night was the best night of them all: they downed the last two bosses in the Abomination Quarter and all three of the bosses in the Military Quarter. Sapphiron is on notice for next time (and KT soon after that).
  • The Puggernaut (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Skullcrusher-H dropped Malygos' 10 man version, and then entered Naxx and OS 25 man and cleared them both out, including one shots of Sapphiron and Kel'thuzad. They even got Sarth with one drake later on. They're also recruiting -- hit up the website for deets.
  • NEED A DISPENSER HERE of Darkspear-H has officially placed Naxx 25 on farm status after doing a full clear in a single night and picking up the "Arachnaphobia" achievement for good measure. They also pickked up the "Less is More" achievement by downing Sartharion with one drake up. Grats! Malygos is on notice.
  • The Astral Order on Eldre'thelas apparently resorted to sacrificing a raider to try and get Thaddius down, but it didn't help. So they're looking for more victims errr recruits to help them finish off Naxx. They specifically want healers, and they say they'll take you if you're dedicated, geared up or not.
  • Hitlist on Dunemaul-H wants to help, whether you're running an instance or finishing your quests or professions. They're a casual guild who enjoy all aspects of the game, so if you're just leveling up and want to have some fun sharing the experience, look them up.
  • Dark Nightfall from EU Lightbringer is recruiting. They are getting a new site up in the next few days and are running normal and Heroic Obsidian Sanctum and Naxxramas. They need a Shadow Priest, an Enhancement Shaman, and maybe one or two healers -- they have no Spriests at all right now, so no competition if you happen to be of the Shadowform type.
  • Evolution (Thaurissan-A) is a guild for people that don't have time to play 24/7 but who want to get the most out of the game as they can. They raid a maximum of 3 times per week but have high expectations of raiders so that they can experience as much content as possible in the limited time available. Potential members are invited to apply on the website.
  • Dies Irae (Latin for "Days of Wrath," apparently) is a recently formed Horde guild on the EU Draenor server. They are currently recruiting all levels, classes and specs interested in raiding. They have quite a few South African players (and are keen to have more join our ranks), but they also welcome fellow World of Warcraft addicts from around the world! They call themselves "a friendly, mature and sociable bunch," and sound like nice folks, if you ask me.
  • Invictus Dei on Sporeggar is a new promising Alliance guild that's looking for healers (Resto Druids and Shamans, and Holy Pallies), but all classes of level 40 and above are accepted, as long as they come with friendly and mature players. They have lots of fun events right now (including "Sunday, boosting Sunday," where everyone helps level), with raids coming soon.
  • The Imperial Guardsmen are now recruiting on EU Darkspear. They're a very small, friendly guild who pride themselves on a social atmosphere. They're only running Heroics and normal instances at the moment, but will be getting into raiding with a few more healers and tanks. Recruitment is open to all classes but DKs are restricted due to the guild being about 30% Death Knight!
  • Loyalty on Nordrassil-H is recruiting a few Mages, a Lock, a few Spriests, a couple Boomkin, an Ele Shammy, a Blood DK, a Kitty Druid, a Druid or DK OT, and a partridge in a pair tree. Wait a minute -- isn't that basically a whole raid? Is this a LF25M kind of thing? Hit their website if you want to look into it.
We'll be back next week as always. Until then, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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