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Nine USB flash drives compared in file system showdown


Kristofer Brozio already spent more time with more flash drives than most would dare to with his last USB drive round-up, but he's now come back for another go 'round, and this time he's even gone so far as to compare their performance with different file systems. To make things a bit more manageable, he pared things down to nine drives from the initial group of 21, and formatted and reformatted each with FAT32, NTFS and ExFAT file systems. As with last time, he found that the OCZ and Super Talent drives proved to be the best overall performers and, while ExFAT did come out on top in a number of benchmarks, he still recommends FAT32 due to its greater compatibility and still decent performance. Still need a bit more convincing? Then hit up the link below for the graph explosion.

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